Erik Gompers

Photo of Erik Gompers
"I like the smaller class size, because you get more experience in the clinic and there are enough patients for everyone to become clinically competent."

What made you want to earn your DDS or BSDH?

I always wanted to help people and help them live healthy lifestyles. I really enjoyed hands on work and being able to interact with people throughout the day, so dentistry checked off all of my boxes for a career.

Why do it at WVU?

WVU is my home; I take great pride in being a West Virginian and I knew what a great dental school they had here. I thoroughly enjoy having the ability to give back to the state through the dental clinic.

What particular part of our program has been your favorite and why?

Being able to work with patients and have the ability to transform their lives through dentistry has been the biggest reward of this program. I really appreciate how much clinical exposure we have here at the school.

What are you proudest of from your educational time at WVU School of Dentistry?

I am proudest of the dentistry I have provided that has given my patients a new reason to smile and be healthy.

What are your plans after graduation? 

I plan to continue my dental education with a 3 year residency program in orthodontics at the University of Buffalo in NY. After that, I plan to move back to WV and start my dental career.

What is it like to be providing direct patient care after just 2 years into classes?

It was extremely nerve-wracking to start, but it is now incredibly rewarding to have the ability to provide dental care to patients in the clinic.

What school related events or activities did you enjoy most and why?

I really enjoyed the community service events like Walk for Alzheimers and going to elementary schools around the community to teach children about oral health. I think giving back to those around you is a very important quality for dentists to have.

Describe your rural rotation experience and how you think it benefitted you.

Rural was a fantastic experience. It really improved my clinical speed and time management skills while in the dental operatory. Having a full schedule and seeing patients all throughout the day really made you feel like you were ready to become a dentist. It was also beneficial to observe how a successful office runs, and all the important aspects of private practice that you don’t typically get exposed to in school.

Where will your DDS or BSDH take you after commencement, what are you looking forward to?

I will be continuing my degree with a specialty in orthodontics at the University of Buffalo in New York.

What hobbies outside of school do you have?

I enjoy reading, golfing, fishing, and going on walks with my fiancée, Julia, and our dog, Millie. I also enjoy spending time with friends and going out and experiencing new events around the community.

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I am near fluent in Spanish

What would you tell someone considering WVU School of Dentistry?

I think WVU is one of the best dental schools in the country. I like the smaller class size, because you get more experience in the clinic and there are enough patients for everyone to become clinically competent.