Events posted to WVU’s calendar system are able to be displayed on individual school and unit websites for a targeted audience, as well as sites intended to reach a wider audience, such as the Health Sciences Hub and WVU Events Calendar.

Submit New Calendar Events #

Events for the web calendar can be submitted by any WVU student, faculty or staff member following the steps listed below. All submitted events will be queued for review and approval by individuals assigned to the selected department or classification.

  1. Visit the WVU Web Calendar and sign in using your WVU Login credentials.
  2. Click on the button labeled “Submit an event.”
  3. Populate the event form with as much information as possible and be sure to set a descriptive title, select a department, and complete other classification details as appropriate. You'll also need to include a plain-text summary of your event description for use on the InfoStations digital signage network where indicated.
    • When submitting an event intended for students, faculty or staff in a school or unit at WVU Health Sciences, please utilize the following “Department” options based on your intended audience (you are able to select more than one department in the calendar system):
      • Center for Excellence in Disabilities
      • HSC
      • HSC Office of Research and Graduate Education
      • School of Dentistry
      • School of Medicine
      • School of Nursing
      • School of Pharmacy
      • School of Public Health
      • WVU Cancer Institute
  4. Click on the button labeled “Submit Event” to complete your event submission.

Event approvers will be notified of new submissions, and you will receive email notifications of approval and other event status changes.