Video and Multimedia Production

Marketing Videos #

We primarily work on special projects for University Relations, promoting key WVU Health Sciences initiatives that focus on student recruitment, research and health care commitment and outreach to the state.

We can help tell your story by planning, shooting and editing a video to be shared with your audience. These videos can be used on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, on your website or included in program materials.

Due to workload, projects are subject to approval and may be deferred based on institutional priorities. Prior to a video shoot, individuals who will participate should complete the WVU Media Recording/Usage Release.

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Zoom | MDTV Video Production #

If your project is not for marketing purposes, Mountaineer Doctor Television (MDTV) is available to provide video communication in-house via Zoom. MDTV is a secured independent telehealth network delivering telehealth and videoconferencing services to several facilities throughout the state of West Virginia. Costs associated with MDTV are the responsibility of the requesting program or department.

Learn about the approved uses and prerequisites for an MDTV Zoom account.

Review guidelines for sharing Zoom link information.

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Live Streaming #

Visit the Social Media section for information about live streaming on Facebook and YouTube.

Podcasting #

Podcasts are a popular and legitimate medium to reach people. The most popular shows in the podcast charts are syndicated radio shows, highlights of TV shows – still very much dominated by traditional media. However, some original podcasts are very popular and gaining equal traction. Podcasting isn’t easy – like anything, it requires a plan.

Health Sciences Podcasting Guidelines