How Do I…?

We work closely with our University Relations/Enrollment Management partners in reflecting the WVU brand in all products. We collaborate with our clinical marketing partners to represent the WVU Medicine brand when appropriate. We can also help connect you with external, university-approved partners for projects that we are unable to manage in-house.

The University Relations-Health Sciences team can help you with: #

  • Content strategy – how an idea/topic is used, which outlets or channels to publish in.
  • Writing – marketing-based writing projects that align with recruitment and strategic priorities as outlined by your dean or program director.
  • Marketing photography – photos to be used as featured website content, in print publications, or as part of a School-level marketing campaign.
  • Program recruitment videos – as deemed priority by leadership.
  • News story videos – as defined by University Relations.
  • Web landing page content.
  • Internal news and announcements.
  • External news releases as deemed by leadership.
  • School and university-level InfoStations.
  • Outlining branding plans for event planning.
  • Student, resident, fellow, faculty and alumni profiles as they relate to broader marketing plans. 

We do not manage: #