Scholarship Opportunity!

Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for the CTTTP Scholarship ($660) interested individuals must provide a ≤ 300-word Personal Statement that includes your:

  • Personal interest in tobacco treatment as it applies to implementation of a program in your community, institution
    or work place, and commitment to promote your tobacco treatment specialist expertise through WV Health Connection to ease client’s connection to tobacco treatment
  • Application of tobacco cessation into your own patients’/clients’ care

Submit scholarship application to the link below by April 29, 2022. Applications are reviewed upon receipt, and there are a limited number of scholarships. Submissions prior to the April 29, 2022 deadline are strongly encouraged.

Scholarship Submission Link:

The West Virginia University School of Dentistry, in cooperation with Health Sciences Center Office of Interprofessional Education, acknowledges financial support for scholarships from the following sources:

Mountains of Hope    

WV Health Connection, through the WVU Office of Health Services Research (WVU OHSR), is a network of clinic and community partners that work to create a system for patients to discover supportive, accessible programs. WVU OHSR provides direct technical assistance to partners through a variety of ways (ex. keeping an updated list of the active programs and program leaders across West Virginia, supporting referrals to these programs, helping partners securely and reliably track necessary metrics, and helping partners measure the effectiveness of programming to demonstrate value) to support clinic and community connections that make a lasting impact. Through this updated list of active programs and program leaders, WV Health Connection can support partners trained as tobacco cessation specialists with directing referrals to their work, providing a platform and network for knowledge-sharing among tobacco cessation specialists, and by showing the impact of tobacco cessation work in West Virginia.