Obesity Medical Education for Primary Care Module 3: Medication Associated Weight Gain, Optimizing Chronic Medications, and Putting it All Together

October 9, 2020
September 30, 2023
1 CME, 1.3 Nursing, 1.3 Nurse Pharmacology
Credit Fee
Free to the first 65 people who request credit.
Target Audience
Primary Care Providers in and outside of West Virginia looking to address obesity in their practice.

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Following completion of this web course, participants should be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of medication associated weight gain to our practice
  • Review the most common medications for the most common chronic conditions that can lead to weight gain
  • Identify alternative medications to reduce medication associated weight gain in our patients
  • Recognize the importance of optimizing chronic diabetes medications
  • Recognize that many medications commonly used in primary care may contribute to weight gain
  • Identify medications that are least likely to contribute to patient's weight problems
  • Describe the mechanism of action, side effect profile, and weight profile of various diabetes medications
  • Determine an optimal strategy for choosing medications for diabetes based on individual patient's characteristics
  • Describe how to go through an obesity medicine visit with a patient with the diagnosis of obesity
  • Determine how to adjust medications to improve the care of patients with obesity