Third-year dental students present cases at national oral medicine conference

(Edward "Joey" Skonieczny discusses his case presention at 2024 AAOM conference.)

The American Academy of Oral Medicine (AAOM) has been part of organized dentistry for more than seven decades. In 1945, Dr. Samuel Charles Miller determined a need to integrate medicine and dentistry for healthier outcomes for patients.

The curriculum at West Virginia University School of Dentistry includes an emphasis oral medicine through courses like oral microbiology and radiology, research, and principles of medicine. And over the past several years, students and faculty have had a presence at the AAOM’s annual conference invigorating their mission to promote overall wellness through dentistry.

“As a student, it is important to realize how interdependent the specialties are, and how each one can offer a unique perspective to patient care. The AAOM did an amazing job of highlighting the need for a coordinated and collaborative approach to dentistry to achieve excellent patient care,” said Jason Collett, a third-year dental student. Collett presented.

Jason Collette presents a case to an oral medicine expert.

Oral Manifestations of Cirrhosis and Pellagra: The Lesser-Known Consequences of Alcoholism
Jason Collett, BS; Juan M. Bugueno, DDS, MS, ABOM; Jerry E. Bouquot, DDS, MSD

“I was honored for the opportunity to present a case this year in Orlando, Fl. I was also very appreciative for the opportunity to listen to many other presentations on various topics and experience the material through the lens of oral medicine. Dentistry encompasses a multitude of specialties that all align with the overall goal of oral and systemic health,” Collett said.

Dr. Juan Bugueno, oral medicine specialist and associate professor, has accompanied students to the conference for the last three years. Active with AAOM, Bugueno was named assistant treasurer of the AAOM executive committee for the next year.

Dr. Juan Bugueno shown with fellow members of AAOM executive board

“I do believe this is a valuable didactic experience for dental students. Many of the attendees to the meeting were pleased to learn that we are giving this opportunity to them. I really hope this activity will continue in the future.” Bugueno said.

Edward (Joey) Skonieczny, also a third-year dental student, presented.
Squamous Cell Carcinoma Arising from An Oral Lichenoid Lesion?
Edward Skonieczny, BA; Jerry E. Bouquot, DDS, MSD; Juan M. Bugueno, DDS, MS, ABOM
WVU, School of Dentistry (SOD), Morgantown, WV

“I had a great time learning about the scope of oral medicine and talking with experienced professionals as well as speaking publicly about my case presentation,” Skonieczny said.

AAOM’s 2024 conference focused on “Clinical Application and Implications”. Bugueno said he can see how his students benefit from attendance.

“Students can expand their vision, refine their skills and have the opportunity to attend scientific sessions that provide important updates about a variety of topics.”

Third-year student Edward Joey Skonieczny stands in front of the display for his case presentation.

Notes of appreciation

“I would like to thank Dr. Bugueno and Dr. Bouquot for their dedication and efforts as mentors to help further my knowledge of dentistry, as well as helping me to grow as a clinician.” Jason Collett

Thank you to Dr. Bugueno and Dr. Bouquot for all of their help!” Edward (Joey) Skonieczny

Jason Collett, student, and Dr. Juan Bugueno stand before a display at an oral medicine conference. Edward Joey Skonieczny and Dr. Juan Bugueno pose in front of a case presentation at an oral medicine conference.