Ivanov Laboratory receives US Patent for new antibody cancer research tool

The application process started in 2015 with the publication of an article in Cancer Research journal by Ivanov’s group titled “KAP1 promotes proliferation and metastatic progression of breast cancer cells”.

The researchers looked at the expression of C2H2-type zinc finger transcription factors or ZNFs in short in breast cancer. Transcription factors are proteins that bind to DNA and regulate the expression of genes. C2H2 ZNFs form the largest family of human transcription factors. They are also extremely difficult to detect.

The researchers developed a unique antibody tool that identifies hundreds of members of C2H2 zinc finger proteins. Furthermore, they used this antibody to discover that many ZNF proteins are overexpressed in breast cancer.

Our next step would be to explore the possibility of using the antibody as a diagnostic or predictive tool for breast and potentially other types of cancer. The antibody is currently licensed to MilliporeSigma where it is available for use in research laboratories. This research tool has been referenced in several recent publications.

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