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Intern Impressions

One year after graduation from the internship at WVU Medicine graduates are sent Follow-up surveys to gain input on the value of the internship along with statistics on their employment. Below are some results from the past several years.


What best describes your current job?

85% in the clinical arena  13% in community  2% in research or medical school


What experiences during the Dietetic Internship did you consider of most value to your current position?

  • High expectations set for interns by preceptors

  • Strong clinical emphasis

  • Teaching hospital

  • Collaboration and continuity of care with medical team

  • Patient education and hands on learning opportunities

  • Pediatric experience

  • Diabetes center


Upon completion of the dietetic internship, how long did it take you to acquire a position for a registered or registry-eligible dietitian?

0-2 months
>50% of interns surveyed that they had a job prior to graduation
- Other interns reported that they had acquired a job within 2 months after graduation


Comments about the program from previous dietetic interns:

This internship is one that outshines anything I ever imagined during the application phase. I feel that I am beyond prepared for an entry level position in any nutrition related field and I don’t think many internships could ever provide the type of confidence I have gained here at WVU Medicine. I feel that every single rotation built upon each other in a way that made the whole experience cohesive and it helped me develop a sense of who I am as a (soon-to-be) Registered Dietitian. - Kara Pifer

The last ten months and 24 rotations have been challenging but rewarding at the same time. I feel that I was able to grow both personally and professionally and now have the confidence and ability to start my career. There were times when I was taken out of my comfort zone and I feel now I will be able to accomplish any task given to me. I have made so many memories here in West Virginia that I will never forget and found some of my best friends! - Victoria Newman

The WVU Medicine Dietetic Internship has supplied me with the tools I need to excel in the dietetics field. Looking for jobs and reading job descriptions I can't help but think, "we've got this". The amount of experience I have gained at WVU Medicine has exceeded my expectations, and I am proud to say that I have been a part of this outstanding tertiary care hospital. - Mary Broe

The internship at WVU Medicine was intense, challenging and at times frustrating: however, I have been more than prepared for my job(s) in the “Real” world. I’m very confident in my work and my knowledge. I’m very thankful I chose and was chosen to do my dietetic internship at WVU Medicine, my experience and education obtained there has proven itself priceless! (Oh yeah….above with that intense, frustrating and challenging comment, I forgot to mention educational and loads of fun (especially looking back). One last thing, the preceptors truly made the experience, their smiles, hugs, encouragement and pressure applying tactics helped push us all to our potential. Thanks guys!! - Trina Wieshar Kropka