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Mission, Vision & Values


WVU Medicine’s mission is to improve the health of West Virginians and all we serve through excellence in patient care, research and education.


WVU Medicine will transform lives and eliminate health disparities through a nationally-recognized patient-centered system of care that includes:

  • An expanded regional health care delivery system.
  • Consistent, integrated patient care recognized for delivering the right care in the right place at the right time at all sites.
  • Development of new approaches to improve health care, including team-based models of care; expanding WVU clinical and translational research.
  • Educational programs throughout the network recognized for training uniquely qualified health care team members and leaders.
  • A culture of performance and excellence throughout the network.


Our Patients: You and your family are the first priority in everything we do. We strive for your satisfaction by providing high quality care through respect, teamwork, and a commitment to learning and research.

Our Team: We value and respect each other. It is our skill and dedication that enable us to reach our goals. Our ideas and enthusiasm help us improve.

Our Community: We are committed to fulfilling our responsibility to improve the health status of the communities we serve.

The Dietetic Internship Program at WVU Medicine, is designed to prepare entry-level generalist dietitians for employment in current and future roles with an emphasis on medical nutrition therapy. The program should enable the student to recognize the continuous changes in the profession of dietetics and in the realm of healthcare. The provision of an educational environment that is stimulating to the student and effective in providing professional growth is the intent of this internship.

The philosophy and mission statement of the Dietetic Internship Program is in accordance with that of WVU Medicine.

Goals and Outcome Measures

The program goals and outcome measures are as follows:

Goal #1 - To train highly qualified entry-level dietitians who are competent to practice medical nutrition therapy in a variety of positions.

  •  95% of appointed students will complete the requirements of the internship program and graduate within 15 months (150% of program length).

  • 12 months after completing the DI, 90% of graduates who respond will indicate they took their RD exam within one-year of completing the DI.
  • Graduates will achieve a 100% pass rate for the RD exam the first year.
  • 12 months after completing the DI, 90% of graduates will give a score of a “3” or higher reflecting feeling competent, qualified and confident when starting their first job.
  • 12 months after completing the DI, employers will rate the intern graduates an average of “3” or higher on a 5 pt scale for performance compared to other entry-level graduates they have hired.

  • 12 months after completing the DI 90% of graduates will be employed in the field of dietetics.


Goal #2- The program will foster a commitment to life-long learning and service to the profession.

  •  12 months after completing the DI, 50% of graduates who respond to the survey will indicate they are actively participating in their local and/or state dietetic association.

  • 12 months after completing the DI, 50% of graduates that respond will indicate they are a member of a Dietetic Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

  • 12 months after completing the DI, 50% of graduates who respond will indicate they plan on furthering their education or obtaining an advanced certification.

Additional program outcome data available upon request.