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The 10 month program provides a balanced opportunity to gain experiences in the areas of clinical, administrative and community dietetics but offers an emphasis in Medical Nutrition Therapy.

Orientation - occurs the first week of the internship. 

During this time each intern is given a copy of the syllabus which contains: Schedules/calendar, Nutrition Services policies and procedures, Dietetic Internship policies and procedures, Guidelines and Standards, Program Information and Unit Experiences. The DI director will review the entire syllabus and provide classes pertinent to entry-level intern skill development.

  • At this time interns will take a pre-test to evaluate their knowledge base upon admission to our program. This same test will be given at the last class before graduation to determine skills learned.

  • A set of mock RD exams is available on-line to take during the program in addition to the pre and post test to help prepare for the RD exam upon graduation. These exams will be reviewed during the last few intern classes.

Rotation Schedule - the remaining 40 weeks after Orientation 
Interns rotate individually through each experience and are one-on-one with their preceptor.

Interns will gain experience in the following areas:

To view an example of an internship rotation schedule; Click here.

Class Schedule - Every Friday; September- Februrary
Intern Classes - Every Friday (Sept.-Feb.) – are reserved for class. A variety of activities are scheduled to help interns develop the skills and knowledge needed to complete each rotation and to be successful after graduation. Each Friday begins with “Morning Discussion” where each intern is given time to discuss the experiences they had that week. Interns are also assigned journal articles to critique, projects and mini-case studies to review, cardiac recipe modifications and clinical case study presentations. In addition to these activities, the clinical dietitians on staff teach classes on various topics. We also schedule a variety of speakers from other disciplines both internal and external.

To view a list of class topics; Click here.

Vacation Time - 
2 weeks - One winter break and one spring break 
2 days - Allotted for illness or interviews