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Additional Experiences

Health Expo - 1 Day
Interns will create a handout/display for the annual hospital Health Expo held in the Fall each year. They will also work at the nutrition booth answering questions from the public.

Dietetic interns participate in WVU Medicine's annual Health Expo each fall at the Morgantown Mall. The dietetic interns are responsible for creating educational materials and activities based on the theme for the booth and also are present at the booth to provide educational materials and answer questions from the public. Interns gain valuable skills in public relations and public speaking.

Kid’s Fair - 1 Day
Interns will create a handout/display for the annual WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital Kid’s Fair in the Spring each year. They will also work at the nutrition booth answering questions from parents and playing nutrition education games with children.

Dietetic interns also participate in the WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital “Kid’s Fair” held in the spring each year. (usually April) The interns are responsible for creating educational materials, activities and games for the children, work at the booth and provide education to parents and children.

West Virginia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Association Meeting - 1 Week
Interns will attend the state dietetic association meeting held in the Spring each year. Interns will be responsible for helping introduce speakers and work the registration booth if needed.

Tour of US Foods Plant - 1 Day
Interns are given the opportunity to tour the US Foodservice plant in Greensburg, PA along with participating in lectures by vendors. This opportunity gives interns exposure to group purchasing organizations (GPO’s), food service contracts and alternative products available for patients such as those with dysphagia or pre-planned meal programs that are available.

Tour a Local Farm- 1 Day
Interns experience a tour of a local farm presented by the National Dairy Council.

Tour of the Strip District - 1 Day
Interns are given the opportunity to tour the Strip District in Pittsburgh, PA and experience the open food markets and specialty stores.

National Nutrition Month- Fridays during the month of March
In March, all Fridays are spent conducting National Nutrition Month activities in the community. Some of these activities include:

1. Public Service Announcement at local Radio Station
2. Work in the Soup Kitchen
3. As an internship class, create and cook a meal at the Rosenbaum Family House
4. Create a wellness poster and handout to be presented for the community 

Week of Choice (2 separate weeks) –
Interns are scheduled two weeks of choice. The first is usually scheduled during the first three months of the internship and the second is near the end of the program. During these weeks the intern is encouraged to gain experience at other facilities in areas they may not have exposure to at our facility.  This can be in an area related to dietetics you would like more focus on or a facility you might like to work at when you graduate. The intern must find a Registered Dietitian who agrees to precept and create competencies for them. An affiliation agreement must be obtained with the facility if one does not already exist. Travel is dependent on site chosen. 

We have several dietitians that are part of WVU Medicine who are options for the week of choice such as our Outpatient dietitian at Cheat Lake Physician's office center, the Heart and Vascular Institute dietitian or the Pain Clinic dietitian. There are also several other dietitians within the University or local area that may be able to accommodate the rotation such as the dietitian at WVUCED-children's with feeding disabilities clinic,  the dietitian in Genetics, the dietitian who manages the University dining services and nutrition counseling, or the University Certified Sports Dietitian.

Interns are encouraged to think outside the box for experiences they would find beneficial.  For the 2017-18 class, one of our interns was able to spend a week of choice at NASA in Houston, TexasRead about Matt Breit's NASA experience here.