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Administrative Rotations

Administrative rotations are 6 weeks long
and all rotations are within our facility or are located close by.
Administrative Projects


Administrative Rotations - 
These rotations are assigned to expand knowledge and provide opportunities to apply principles of management in a food service operation. During these rotations the intern is exposed to ordering and receiving systems, production forecasting, materials management, personnel management, employee in-services, customer service issues and cafeteria operations.

Patient Services - (4 weeks) 
Spent mainly with our Patient Services Manager, Retail Manager and Executive Chef.  During this time the intern learns all aspects of the foodservice department from inventory to ordering and billing. They also learn all aspects of food safety and sanitation including HAACP standards. The intern plans and executes a complete cafeteria special--they choose the theme. (includes pricing, recipe modification and ordering all entrees, grill items, self-serve bar items and desserts) Interns also create a survey to evaluate their special and analyze the results. All information is included in their folder at the end of the rotation.

Retail Services / Catering - (1 week) 
Interns will spend one week with the catering manager as an introduction into their food service rotations learning about production, ordering and waste control.  They will create a “meal deal” for the cafeteria making sure to follow heart healthy guidelines and they will also learn how to plan, organize and bill for catered functions.

Administrative Project - (1 week) 
Interns will be given a problem, issue or need in the Department. This will be assigned at the beginning of their patient services rotation--5 weeks prior to due date. The project will be something that will be researched and show problem solving skills and/or data synthesis. The report should be of the caliber of a proposal submitted to an employer.
Requires a written and oral report.