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Clinical Projects

Cardiac Recipe Sampling

Objective:  To gain experience in modifying recipes to accommodate the heart healthy guidelines.

The intern will choose a recipe and modify it based on the heart healthy guidelines.  This recipe must be pre-approved by the Cardiology Clinical Preceptor.  The intern will then be required to prepare this item, explain the modifications, supply both the regular and modified recipe and serve it to the interns, Dietetic Internship Director and Cardiology Preceptor.  This will occur during class at the end of the Cardiology rotation.

Clinical Nutrition Case Study

Objective:  To gain experience in researching and reporting a clinical problem relevant to a patient’s nutritional status.

This case study is a major component of the internship program.  A substantial amount of time should be dedicated to create an in-depth written and oral presentation.  (minimum of 30-40 page written and minimum of 1 hour power point presentation)  The case study patient/topic must be approved by the Clinical Instructor in the unit in which the case study was assigned.

The written case study will be evaluated by the Clinical Preceptor and the Dietetic Internship Director. The oral presentation will be presented to Interns, Dietitians, and the Dietetic Internship Director.

Mini-Case Studies

Objective:  To gain experience in researching and reporting a clinical problem relevant to the nutritional status of a patient, specifically in the pediatric population.

The intern will be responsible for choosing patients during 5 of their clinical rotations and completing a mini-case study on them including past medical history, social support, anthropometrics, nutrition care plan, research on the condition of the patient and prognosis. The Clinical Preceptor will have final approval of each patient chosen based on their status and nutritional care plan.  The interns will be responsible for typing a report to be presented orally in class at the end of the second week of the clinical rotation.


Objective:  To gain experience in developing, organizing and preparing a folder of past work experiences, projects and tasks completed for use in the job market.

The interns will individually prepare a portfolio including a resume, projects, tasks and other goals accomplished during college and the dietetic internship.  This is to be compiled on a continual basis during the internship and must be reviewed with the Dietetic Internship Director prior to the completion of the program.  The internship director will review the progress of these during National Nutrition Month.