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Community Projects

National Nutrition Month Projects

Objective:  To gain experience in working as a group in developing, organizing, and executing activities related to National Nutrition Month.

Activities will begin on or about March 1st, and end on or about March 31st.

The interns will work individually and as a group to develop nutrition and health activities which will occur in March for the hospital and community. The interns will be responsible for development and implementation, using appropriate manpower, and staying within a budget.  The projects will be coordinated with the Dietetic Internship Director.  A scrapbook with pictures and descriptions of the events will be due at the end of April.  Each intern will be evaluated by the Nutrition Director, Department Managers, and Dietetic Internship Director, based on the success of the set goals. Each intern will be graded individually.

Each intern will create an original nutrition display complete with educational handouts and samples for a week in March for display outside the cafeteria. The interns will participate in community activities on Fridays during NNM.  Interns are required to complete at least 2 community activities each Friday in addition to the booth at WVU Medicine. You must create lesson plans, games, activities, posters, handouts, ect.

Community activities will include, but are not limited to if a request arises:

  • Local Elementary schools 
  • Ruby Daycare
  • Active for Life
  • WVU Recreation Center
  • WVAQ radio spot 
  • Cooking a meal for Ronald McDonald House
  • Serving at a local soup kitchen