Bridges to Healthy Transitions

Serving the Eastern Panhandle and State of West Virginia
West Virginia University School of Nursing, Eastern Division

Bridges to Healthy Transitions


"Bridges to Healthy Transitions" is a community-based research initiative housed within the West Virginia University School of Nursing, Eastern Division. Dr. Joy Buck, PhD, RN created “Bridges” after joining the School of Nursing in 2007.  With an expansive clinical background in community-based HIV/AIDS and rural chronic care, Dr. Buck’s research focuses on health-related quality of life in complex chronic illness, rural health disparities, integrated palliative care, and the intersection of policy and clinical outcomes.

Bridges research projects focus on structures, processes and transitions that impact the care and quality of life of under-served and medically complex populations. The research engages both the community and multiple health disciplines, including nursing, public health, medicine and social work. Our work involves comprehensive assessment, planning, design and evaluation of tailored interventions to promote health and reduce health disparities.  


Dr. Joy Buck, PhD, APRN
Principal Investigator
(304) 596-6381

Nathan Fiore
Research Coordinator
(304) 596-6323

Stephanie Stout
Recovery Coach Coordinator