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Abstract Submission

Abstract has to be submitted before May 23, 2017.



    1. Abstracts should be prepared in Microsoft Word format.
    2. Times New Roman is used as the default font in Abstracts.
    3. Title is in bold 14 pt font size, with the initial letter capitalized.
    4. Authors start on a new line. Family name is placed after the first and middle name. Underline the name of the presenting author. /11 pt, Times New Roman/
    5. Affiliations start on a new line and must include the authors’ institutions and mailing addresses. /11 pt, Times New Roman, italics/
    6. E-mail address of the presenting author starts on a new line. /11 pt, Times New Roman/
    7. Main text starts on a new line and single-spaced. Insert single blank-line spacing between paragraphs. /11 pt, Times New Roman/
    8. References start on a new line. /11 pt, Times New Roman/
    9. Acknowledgements start on a new line. /11 pt, Times New Roman/
    10. Insert single line-spacing below the title, authors, and affiliations, and E-mail. Each abstract should fit into a single page of “Letter” format (8.5’’x 11’’ or 216 mm x 279 mm), including main text, figures, tables, and references, with 1’’ (2.5) cm margins at the top, left and right sides, and the bottom.
    11. PDF version of the abstract should be also sent for the case of formatting problems.
    12. Submitted abstracts are the final and will not further modified. So please follow the above guidelines as closely as possible. 
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