Philosophy of Education

Foundational Materials

  1. Understanding the study of philosophy – Examination of one’s and other’s central/fundamental beliefs
  2. Branches of Philosophy: Metaphysics, Epistemology, Logic, & Axiology
  3. Seeking fundamental philosophical principles/concepts (Building Blocks)
  4. Philosophies/philosophers through the ages – Western Philosophy
    Ancient - Aristotle – Idealism; Essentialism – Key Concepts:
    Medieval - Etc.
    17th and 18th Century
    19th Century
    20th Century and Contemporary
    Also include – Eastern Philosophy
    Need to determine which philosophers the scholars need to study…Cannot review all in the module. Perhaps teaching scholar could review and select key principles upon which to build own philosophy of teaching
  5. Selecting key principles/concepts from selected philosophies (form building blocks for own philosophy of education)
  6. Examining values upon which the principles are based
    Rath theory of values (values clarification)
    Discussion of integrity (including academic integrity) and social justice
    Virtue theory
  7. Statement of own philosophy of education


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