2013 Blood Drive

WISH Interprofessional Health Screening Event and Blood Drive
The Community Health Promotion Committee of WISH sponsored a day long Health Screening Event and Blood Drive on Thursday, Feb. 14 at the HSC in the John Jones Conference Center.  Aligned with activities sponsored by the COEWH to provide community education focusing on heart health during the month of February, this event offered a variety of screenings and health education that was provided by HSC students. Over 60 students representing the schools of nursing, pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, medical laboratory science, public health and human nutrition & foods volunteered a total of 200 hours to offer this event.  Under the direction of faculty who are also WISH members, the students collaborated to provide screenings  including pre-diabetes assessment,  BP and Blood Glucose checks, depression assessment, BMI evaluation and waist circumference measurement.  They  also provided  educational sessions on topics addressing oral health, safe medication disposal, portion control and safe worksite environments.  A physician was available throughout the day to help with interpretation of screening results and to address questions presented by the participants.  Additionally, pharmacy and nursing students collaborated to recruit and register 22 potential bone marrow donors. The students evaluated the day favorably, indicating that they learned about each other’s profession as a result of spending time together while involved in the event. Many related that they valued the opportunity to provide a valuable community service and indicated that they would be interested in participating in similar events in the future.  The majority of the 61 participants who took advantage of the various screenings and educational offerings  also evaluated the event favorably.  Most were HSC employees who indicated that they appreciated the opportunity to participate in the free screenings.

American Red Cross representative, Adam Reaves reported that the collection of 87 units of blood was very successful.  Offering the blood drive and screening event  simultaneously proved to be mutually beneficial. Several donors were recruited as a result of their participation in the screenings.  Likewise, many of the scheduled donors took advantage of the screenings.

The Community Health Promotion committee has already scheduled a June planning meeting to begin preparation for the 2014 event.