For Employees

Who can use FSAP?

WVU FSAP is available to all active and retired West Virginia University administrators, faculty and staff and their dependents. Additionally, University departments/units may request workshops, training and coaching on specific topics.

How do I use FSAP?

You may call the FSAP office for information or to make an appointment. A counselor will meet with you to discuss your concerns and to provide an initial assessment of problems areas.  You and your counselor will then discuss a range of options and together determine a course of action.

What does it cost?

FSAP is free of charge. Each employee or dependent may schedule up to three visits with an FSAP counselor per year. If you require more extensive services, we will help refer you to an outside provider. If such a referral is necessary, other services may be covered, all or in part, by your health insurance. Please contact the WVU Benefits Office if you have specific questions about your insurance coverage.

Will this be confidential?

Your right to privacy is one of the most critical concerns of FSAP. All services are provided on a strictly confidential basis, unless otherwise required by law. Even if your supervisor encourages you to use the program, no information about the nature of your problem is ever released without your written consent. Using FSAP in no way jeopardizes your job security.

How long does an appointment last?

Your appointment will last approximately one hour. 

How do I make an appointment?

Call the FSAP office at 304-293-5590 to schedule an appointment or leave a message.

What kinds of problems can I talk about?

Please see our Common Concerns page for more information.

What types of services does FSAP offer?

Please see our Services page for more information.

For Supervisors

Can I call for help and guidance?

If you are concerned about a staff member who is struggling, but don’t know what to do, we can help. FSAP is available to consult with supervisors on how to deal with staff with problems – or potential problems – in the workplace.

How do I refer an employee?

A supervisor may notice that a staff member is struggling with work or personal problems, and want to help. Some signs may be unusual emotional changes or performance issues, particularly from an employee who has always functioned well. A concerned supervisor can remind the employee of the FSAP service, and offer support their access of the service. Although you may suggest accessing the service, remember that employee use of FSAP is confidential and voluntary.

I don’t know how to talk to my employee about this… can you help?

FSAP can help supervisors with strategies for having difficult conversations with employees, or provide further information that can help you decide whether to suggest FSAP to an employee.