As a globally engaged institution, we seek and maintain partnerships with institutions of higher education, governments, and non-governmental organizations throughout the world. To that end, the Global Engagement Office (GEO) works to develop partnerships between the West Virginia University Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center (HSC) and entities across the globe. Once mutual interest in collaboration is established, we draft and sign affiliation agreements with our partners, working together to establish a global health network. 

The HSC has had several successful international partnerships, and the GEO manages these agreements to ensure continuing collaboration. Currently, we work with the Office of Legal Affairs and General Counsel to develop policies and procedures for initiating, vetting, and approving new international partnerships and governing formal relationships. 

Are you a member of the WVU community who would like to partner with an international organization?

If you are an internal member of the WVU community and are interested in partnership with an international organization, please contact the Global Engagement Office. We will facilitate the negotiation and administrative process. Please note, all affiliation agreements related to the HSC must be vetted by our legal counsel and signed by the Vice President.  

Are you a member of an international organization who is interested in visiting us?

If you are a member of an international organization, outside of the United States, and are interested in a partnership with us, please contact the Global Engagement Office. We will be happy to discuss potential areas of collaboration and arrange for meetings with members of our leadership team and tours of our facilities.