International Travel

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There are many opportunities for international educational experiences throughout WVU Health Sciences. 

International travel registration is mandatory for all undergraduate and graduate students, staff and faculty at Health Sciences for West Virginia University-related business. WVU-related business includes travel that is funded by WVU or for which WVU credit is given. 

WVU provides a secure registration system for faculty, staff, and students to record travel plans and contact information. The WVU international travel registry is a convenient, one-stop service that supports emergency communications and provides access to WVU's emergency travel assistance coverage while abroad.

WVU has joined forces with International SOS to offer our students, faculty, and staff unique medical, safety, and security expertise, at no cost to the traveler, as well as assistance when traveling or living abroad. Those traveling to elevated risk countries may require additional preparation and approval from the WVU International Travel Advisory Committee (ITAC).

Please reference the list provided below to begin your international travel registration:



  • Review the risks associated with travel to your destination and determine if you need ITAC approval.
  • Print out the ISOS emergency assistance card.
  • Download the ISOS assistance app onto your smartphone, establish and account using your WVU e-mail and enter your itinerary to receive regular medical and security updates for your destination.
  • Schedule any needed immunizations in advance. Consult the WVU Medicine International Travel Health Clinic as necessary.
  • All faculty preceptors providing clinical care internationally must obtain a letter from the Risk Management office at Health Sciences (304-293-3584) confirming their liability insurance coverage.  


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