2020 Candidate Survey

When it comes to social determinants of health, in general, research informs us that when people experience economic stability, safe physical surroundings that instill a sense of belonging, social connection and engagement, decent and safe housing, high-quality education, nutritious food, affordable and reliable transportation, accessible and culturally sensitive health care, and a clean, non-polluted natural environment, their health outcomes are generally better than if they did not experience these things. 

These social determinants of health do not reflect happy accidents, but rather are the result of intentional choices for robust resource allocation and smart public policy.   

The RESULTS chapters at WVU and New River have structured a survey to gauge the level of support for issue areas impacting social determinants of health as well as assess the general outlook for global health leadership among candidates for national office who will appear on the WV ballot.  Responses will be shared with students and current health care providers at WVU Health Sciences and the greater WVU community on this GEO website before the General Election in November. 

All candidates have been contacted, and survey responses are being posted as they are received.  While we await the remaining survey responses, please take all necessary steps to ensure that your vote is counted on Election Day.