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The WVU Police are committed to creating and maintaining a safe learning environment for all students, faculty, and staff. Part of this mission includes educating the campus community on how to respond to potential campus threats, such as the threat of an active shooter on campus or other suspicious behaviors. Fortunately, WVU Police offer training – both online and in-person - on how to handle a variety of campus safety scenarios. All students are encouraged to visit the webpage (http://police.wvu.edu), in particular the content under the Active Shooter training program (http://police.wvu.edu/training/active-shooter) Students are also encouraged to report any suspicious behaviors on campus using the Report a Threat portion of the webpage http://police.wvu.edu/special-notices/threat-assessment. Additional materials on campus safety prepared by WVU Police, including specific safety tips and training, will also be provided on our class eCampus page.

Safety and Emergency Review

While WVU is a reasonably safe campus, as we have seen violence and natural incidents can occur anywhere and at any time. The following is just a short briefing on how we will manage an emergency event in our classroom.

Discuss use of cellphones to receive WVUAlert – you will have your phone on or assign to an individual. Others should be on vibrate, if you allow them to be on during class. If an event occurs, dial 304-293-2677 or 911 and stay on the line.

In case of a fire alarm or other evacuation situation, we will exit via (add route and gather at) and if we have mobility-impaired persons in our class and there is no direct exit to the outside, you should go to the Emergency Assistance Area (EAA) (refer to your BEP – see your Building Supervisor for Location-Specific Information) and await evacuation by trained rescue personnel (Morgantown Fire Department).

Those in Buildings with Labs – only

Chemical/Biological/Radiation Spill—Small
Employ departmental containment/spill procedures in the event of a release that does not pose a serious threat to people or to the environment.

Chemical/Biological/Radiation Spill —Large
If release cannot be abated with on-site containment procedures; Evacuate the building Call 911
Calmly state:

  • Your name
  • Nature of the emergency
  • Building and exact location of the release
  • Quantity and type of hazard released (Chemical/Biological/Radiation).
  • Your phone number

Chemical Emergency First Aid
If someone has been splashed with the chemical, immediately flush the contaminated area with water. Assume the person needs medical assistance unless told otherwise by someone knowledgeable about the chemical.

Quickly try to determine what was spilled; however, do not come into contact with the substance or inhale fumes.

Violence/ Active Shooter

If possible, call 911. Remain calm and answer the dispatcher’s questions.

If safe to do so, give a good description of the violent individual: height, weight, sex, race, approximate age, clothing, name if known, location or direction of travel.

An individual must use his/her own discretion during a violent/active shooter event whether to run to safety or shelter in place; however, best practices for an active shooter situation are listed below:


  • Stay inside the classroom/office.
  • Close and lock the inside door to the room; barricade the door with furniture.
  • Do not huddle together – separate.
  • Close the blinds, turn off the lights, remain quiet and move behind available cover.
  • Stay on the floor, away from doors or windows, and do not peek out to see what may be happening.
  • If you have an outside window and see red and green cards in the room, put the appropriate color (green for okay and red for in danger) in the window to alert responders to an active threat in your area.


  • Lie motionless and pretend to be unconscious.
  • Do not attempt to apprehend or interfere with the suspect except for self-protection.
  • An individual must use his/her own discretion about when he/she must engage a shooter for survival.


For other emergency and safety information go to the WVU Police website.

Safety and Emergency Review (PDF)

WVU Alert Information (PDF)