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Staying active during the COVID-19 pandemic

As families head into their second or third week of learning and working from home, it’s easy to fall into the rut of overeating, too much screen time and the couch potato lifestyle. WVU Tech professors and community partners are offering some tips on how to stay active in a safe way during the COVID-19 pandemic.

WVU Extension Service offers food safety tips

Although food recommendations have not changed due to COVID-19, there are a few important items to remember when storing food after a trip to the grocery store. To help us understand more about ways to keep our food safe, West Virginia University Extension Service Families and Health experts Andi Hoover and Hannah Fincham have provided some tips and steps to help us stay safe.

Gifted education expert offers tips for academic enrichment at home

With the closure of schools for the foreseeable future, many parents and caregivers find themselves struggling to balance the demands of working and maintaining a household with teaching their children. These demands may seem even more daunting for parents and caregivers who have high-ability students at home.

Talking to Kids about COVID-19

Family Life and routines have changed greatly with the Stay at Home order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. How do you talk to your kids about this crisis? WVU Medicine Children's Pediatric Psychologist Jenna Wallace has some tips on talking with your children about COVID-19.

WVU Extension vet clears up coronavirus and cattle confusion

There are several theories about where novel coronavirus (COVID-19) originated and how it spread to humans. West Virginia University Extension Service veterinarian Darin Matlick weighs in on one of those theories – whether or not humans can contract coronavirus from their cattle.

Food insecurity intensifies during COVID-19 pandemic

For individuals living in a food desert, like many in rural Appalachian communities, the COVID-19 pandemic can have an even greater impact on food security, says Lauri Andress, assistant professor in the School of Public Health at West Virginia University.

WVU Spring Football Game Canceled

Due to the ongoing developments related to COVID-19, the Big 12 Conference extended its suspension from March 29 to May 31 of all team activities whether organized or voluntary. This suspension includes team and individual practices, meetings, and other organized gatherings. The suspension will be re-evaluated regularly and revisited or adjusted as circumstances dictate.