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WVU Board briefed on pandemic responses and plans

West Virginia University’s Board of Governors was briefed Thursday on the institution’s ongoing responses to the coronavirus pandemic and background on decisions that have been made and are under consideration.

WVU Department of Medicine and WVCTSI partnering to fund COVID-19 data projects

The COVID-19 pandemic requires unique, creative research ideas to answer fundamental questions regarding the new virus. The West Virginia University Department of Medicine (WVU DOM) in partnership with the West Virginia Clinical and Translational Science Institute (WVCTSI) is offering an initiative to engage WVU DOM fellows in​ the generation of traditional statistical observations/models related to COVID-19 outcomes or incidence.

Global Health offers three learning modules in response to COVID-19

In response to changes caused by the evolving COVID-19 pandemic and for those who are inspired to broaden their awareness, the Global Health program at WVU Health Sciences invites faculty, staff, and residents to enroll in the three online learning modules of the Clinical Tropical Medicine and Travelers Health course, which is under the direction of Melanie Fisher, MD, FACP, MSc.