Wellness Resources

Mental Health Services

In case of life-threatening emergency:
Go to the nearest Emergency Room
or Call 911

Valley Healthcare 24 Hour Crisis Line
(800) 232-0020

Suicide Prevention Hotline
(800) 273-8255

University Police
(304) 293-3136

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program

  • For employees
  • Services include brief counseling, referrals, coaching
  • 304-293-5590

Carruth Center for Psychological and Psychiatric Services

  • For enrolled students 
  • Services including individual, couples, group or drug and alcohol counseling. 
  • Crisis clinic available 
  • 304-293-4431
  • Click to get help for a student. 
  • Group counseling is available.
    Groups change each semester, some ongoing groups include the following, though there are more: BIPOC, International Support Group, LGBTQ+, Managing Your Emotions, Anxiety Support Group

Note: Carruth does not provide long-term mental health services. They do provide short-term counseling. They also have care managers who help students through referrals to other providers and navigating the logistics around insurance (for instance, is student insurance or personal insurance better in certain circumstances.)


Talkspace is an online therapy service that connects users to a dedicated, licensed therapist via private messaging and live video from a secure, HIPAA-compliant digital platform. Available at no cost for all West Virginia University students. Users also have the option to receive two 30-minute live video sessions with their Talkspace therapist, each month. There is no open enrollment period and registration is open year-round. Check out the app store preview video for Talkspace and when you are ready to sign up and begin online therapy, simply enter your WVU MIX email address at talkspace.com/wvu. You do not need to contact Carruth Center to access or use Talkspace. Talkspace communication is confidential and secure. No one at the University (or anywhere else) will know who uses the service or for what purpose.

Healthy Minds University
Healthy Minds University (HMU) is a collaborative partnership with the Carruth Center to extend student mental health services to those who would benefit from longitudinal continuity of care. Healthy Minds University does not replace the services that Carruth Center for Psychological Services offers, but instead supplements and serves as an additional entry point into the system to ensure access is met.

Women's Resource Center

  • For female students, faculty, staff and community members
  • Resources available for basic needs, career services, dependent care, immigration services, LGBQ+ community, work/life policies and more 

The WVU Women’s Resource Center offers a variety of resources and programs that focus on the diverse needs of female students, faculty, staff and community members so all may enjoy a better, safer, more positive environment.

24/7 National Suicide Prevention Hotline

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)
  •  Military Veterans Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (Press 1)
  • Trevor Pject Hotline (LGBTQ): 1-866-4UTREVOR (1-86-488-7386)

Overall Wellness

Wellness Center

  • For WVU Medicine, WVU and HSC employees 
  • Programs to improve cardiovascular health, decrease stress levels, enhance quality of life
  • 304-293-2520
  • wellnesscenter@hsc.wvu.edu


  • Educational resources for students
  • Information regarding drug and alcohol abuse, sexual health, sexual violence, stress management

WVU Care Team

  • Support for distressed students
  • Assist students with support for countless concerns
  • Anyone can report concerning, disruptive, alarming, or threatening behaviors to the CARE Team through the online referral form

The CARE (Collaboration, Assessment, Response, Engagement) Team is a multidisciplinary group that addresses and helps at-risk students obtain the needed supports and assistance to be successful at WVU. The CARE Team, through a collaborative and proactive approach is committed to identifying, preventing, assessing, intervening, and reducing threats to the safety and well-being of students and the greater WVU community. Anyone can report concerning, disruptive, alarming, or threatening behaviors to the CARE Team. File a report here.
The CARE Team report is meant as a follow-up and in cases where an immediate response is needed, use the above resources FIRST.

Additional Support Resources

Stitzel Emergency Fund:
The Robert E. Stitzel Emergency Fund for graduate and professional students assist those who experience unexpected and documented financial hardship that negatively impacts their academic life and progress. This program, managed by the Office of Graduate Education and Life, is designed to assist those who cannot reasonably resolve their financial hardship through other financial or community resources.

LGBTQ+ Center

Click for a list of resources or visit the home page at https://lgbtq.wvu.edu/
Call (304)293-9593 during business hours for support and advice.

Center for Veteran, Military and Family Programs
We are here to assist our military-connected students in achieving academic, personal, and professional success through their educational benefits and activities that promote learning and well being. 

Student Family Resources
Provides childcare support and financial relief for WVU students with children.

WVU Collegiate Recovery Program

Immediate help 24/7 by calling 1-844-HELP4WV
At WVU Collegiate Recovery, we aim to support students in this process regardless of what they are in recovery “from.” Instead, we try to help them to move towards what they want to recover “to.” So, if you are a student who identifies as in or seeking recovery from a substance use disorder, eating disorder, any other mental health or behavioral disorder, you are welcome to connect with the support and resources the Collegiate Recovery Program provides.

Rape and Domestic Violence Information Center
(Morgantown, WV) 304-293-5100

WVU College of Law Clinic

Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Resources and training related to diversity, equity and inclusion and beyond.

Office of Equity Assurance
• Investigating all reports of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, domestic misconduct, stalking and retaliation through a fair and equitable process.
• Monitoring WVU’s compliance with federal, state and institutional policy and procedures.
• If you wish to speak to someone anonymously, please call or text the Anonymous On-Call Line at 304-906-9930. Someone is available to take your call 24 hours a day. Anonymous Hotline and Report submission
• To notify the university of Title IX violations or other concerning work, classroom, or campus behavior, file a report here.

Americans with Disabilities Act Accommodations
Accommodations for employees and visitors contact the ADA Coordinator at (304)293-5600
For students with temporary or permanent disabilities: Accessibility Services 304-293-6700

Student Success: opportunities for First Gen, Black, LatinX, and other diverse students