Chancellor's Awards

The Chancellor’s Awards honor faculty and staff who have been recognized by their peers for their outstanding accomplishments at WVU Health Sciences. Several awards are divided among faculty and staff, including awards given to individuals and to teams. A unique feature of these awards is the opportunity to honor staff and faculty whose contributions have crossed the traditional school boundaries throughout Health Sciences. Each award is described in detail in the following pages.

Nominations for the Chancellor’s Awards will be solicited at the beginning of April through the end of May each year. The awards will be presented at a ceremony during the fall semester. All faculty and staff working at WVU Health Sciences are eligible, regardless of their organizational affiliation (e.g., WVU, UHA). Separate committees will oversee the nomination and review of faculty and staff. The committees responsible for awards to faculty and staff will be organized by the Chancellor’s Office. Both faculty and staff committees will be represented by a broad cross-section of representatives within Health Sciences, with inclusion from all five schools and across campuses.

Each award will include a certificate signed by the chancellor, an engraved memento and a photograph from the ceremony. In any year for which the nomination and review process does not produce any qualified nominees for a specific award, the award will not be made.

The design of this program has been guided by the desire to promote inclusiveness among faculty and staff at WVU Health Sciences, to recognize equally the contributions made by faculty and staff, to value both personal achievement and contributions to the success of team-based activities, and to foster accomplishments that contribute to the overall success of WVU Health Sciences.

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