Go First Award

This award honors a team (three or more) of faculty or of staff or a team of faculty and staff that has demonstrated positive outcomes and enhanced the missions of WVU Health Sciences through implementation of innovations or quality improvement measures in their respective area. This may be innovations developed at WVU, as well as innovations developed elsewhere and brought to WVU.

Criteria for Selection

The innovations should include one or more of the following:

  • New technology that has had a positive effect on the research, teaching or service missions of WVU Health Sciences
  • New method/s or practice/s related to teaching or training that has improved the educational mission at WVU Health Sciences
  • New policy or practice that has created new opportunities for growth or new areas of outstanding achievement at WVU Health Sciences
  • New policy or practice that has increased the efficiency of WVU Health Sciences

Ideally, the benefits of the innovation should be evident across more than one school at WVU Health Sciences.

Required Materials in Support of Nomination

  • Nomination letter (two-page limit)
  • A description of the innovation (three-page limit)
  • List of active participants and a description of individual roles
  • Evidence of a positive outcomes or effects of the innovation on WVU Health Sciences