Event Logistics

Work Order Set-Up:

  • Prepare a work order for facilities management for room set-up, housekeeping, and AV needs. A work order template is also available on this site.
  • Design a schematic of the room for facilities to place the tables appropriately.
  • Housekeeping is to clean the room and adjoining public areas before and after the event.
  • Submit an electronic version of your work order on the Health Sciences Facilities Management Page: http://facilitiesmanagement.wvu.edu/hsc/work-request-hsc. You will not be able to attach your work order and schematic documents in this system.
  • Email your work order and room schematic as attachments to Facilities (cpatterson@hsc.wvu.edu) and AV (HSCRooms@hsc.wvu.edu).


  • Order flower arrangements through local vendors. Suggested vendors are listed elsewhere on this webpage; others may be considered. Contact the Health Sciences Event Planner for further assistance.
  • Generally, you should order one fresh arrangement for the buffet table and one fresh arrangement for each table. You should have a flower arrangement at a speaker’s podium, which you can also order through a local vendor if you would like a fresh arrangement. You may also borrow an arrangement of silk greenery by contacting the Health Sciences Event Planner.


  • For events held within Health Sciences, your first choice for catering services should be WVU Hospital Catering (https://wvuhospitalsnutritionservices.catertrax.com/) and/or WVU Culinary Creations (https://diningservices.wvu.edu/catering).
  • For buffet service, make a special note for a catering staff member to be present during the event and reception and for the buffet table to be placed for service on one or both sides of the table.
  • Plan your menu with your guests and budget in mind.
    • Choose food options that accommodate a range of dietary needs, i.e., vegetarian, food sensitivities, religious considerations, etc.
    • If you are planning an event when you take reservations and/or meal requests, you should always ask your guests if there are any dietary restrictions that you may accommodate.
    • Ask your caterer to label each dish with a list of ingredients, especially those containing common allergens (tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, milk, wheat, soy, fruit, etc.)
    • If you plan on serving any dish that may contain a commonly restrictive ingredient, like pork or peanuts or cheese, plan on offering a variety of other dishes that do not contain those ingredients.
    • If alcohol is served at an event, non-alcoholic beverages must also be served and should also be afforded the same manner and level of presentation as alcoholic beverages.
    • Do not ever only serve caffeinated beverages. If you serve caffeinated beverages, also serve decaffeinated beverages. 
  • Menus should consist largely of healthy food options, and foods containing sugar should be minimized. Desserts and other sweet treats are not prohibited at Health Sciences, but planners should be mindful of those serving portions and the frequency with which they are served. Soda pop should not be served at Health Sciences events.


  • Before deciding to serve alcohol at an event on the Health Sciences campus, read the WVU Board of Governor’s policy for serving beer and wine on University property: http://bog.wvu.edu/files/d/5edc24bf-4c30-4835-ab87-e61a64357ee8/bog-policy-18-final-version-revised-5-22-11-posted-on-bog-website.pdf.
  • Alcohol may only be served after 5:00 pm, and the service of alcohol must also be accompanied by the service of food. No one under the age of 21 may attend the event
  • Contact Robin Yorty in WVU President’s office to submit the Alcohol Request Form.
  • The bar is to remain operational throughout the reception event with last call at approximately one half hour before the end of the event.
  • Department staff (1-2) will need to be assigned to help supervise the bar area.
  • Notify Campus Police to have a mandatory officer posted at the bar. (304-293-COPS (2677).
  • Contact a vendor to purchase beer and wine for your event, and order bar service from your catering provider.
  • When you receive your beer and wine order, keep beer and white wine chilled and red wine at room temperature in a secure location until you deliver it to your caterer. At the conclusion of the event, keep the remaining unopened beer and white wine chilled and the remaining unopened red wine at room temperature until it is picked up by your vendor.
  • Following your event, you should be able to return unopened beer and wine back to your vendor.


  • Determine how many of each size are needed and whether or not you will also require skirting.
  • Typically, if you are ordering food through a caterer, you may also order linens through them, as well. Additionally, the linens for food and beverage tables should be included in the cost of your catering order.
  • Meal tables and high top tables should always have linens. For events that do not include food, i.e., panel discussions, awards ceremonies, etc., tables should draped with linens in a neat and professional presentation.
  • If you are not ordering linens through your caterer, see the vendor list on this page.


  • For events in the Pylons area, please contact the Health Sciences Event Planner for an up-to-date listing of pianists.
  • The piano in the Pylons area is not to be moved.
  • Other musicians are listed in the vendor list.
  • For events in other locations within Health Sciences, a small electronic piano is available to reserve by contacting the Health Sciences Event Planner. This piano will have to be moved, so you must also include that move in your work order for facilities.