Community-Engaged Team Research Award

This award honors faculty research teams who develop effective collaboration with community-based organizations (e.g schools, non-profit organizations, private clinics, or other community organizations) that result in outstanding scholarly and community outcomes. 

Criteria for Selection

  • Improved insights into the research question or interpretation of data
  • Enhanced translation of research to real world settings
  • Design of culturally- and language-appropriate interventions
  • Increased capacity for a community to serve its citizens
  • Study of previously under-investigated populations or settings
  • Increased communication between researchers and communities
  • Reduction of community health disparities
  • Improved community health outcomes

Suggested Materials in Support of Nomination

  • Nomination letter (2 page limit)
  • Relevant research publications, including citations and links. 
    • White papers or best practice papers given significant weight.
    • Description of the extent of collaborative involvement of each member of the research team must be included.
    • Publications must be able to be independently verified by the award committee
  • A maximum of two letters of support from community partners
  • Supplemental evidence documenting a positive impact of the research on the community