Master Clinician Award

This award honors faculty for sustained outstanding achievement in providing quality patient-centered care with compassion, integrity, and honesty.  To be eligible for the award, the nominee must be a full-time faculty member in the HSC at either the main or branch campuses; currently have responsibility for providing direct patient care; have a minimum of 10 years of clinical experience; and have a minimum of 7 years of clinical experience at WVU. 

Criteria for Selection

Nominees must meet criteria for clinical excellence and at least two additional domains (i.e., Professionalism, Mentoring, Leadership, and Scholarship):

Clinical Excellence:

  • Recognition of clinical excellence by peers locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Evidence of excellent clinical teaching skills.
  • Evidence of provision of evidence based care.
  • Evidence of patient advocacy.
  • Significant contributions in quality improvement initiatives in the clinical environment.
  • Improved patient outcomes.


  • Evidence of role modelling compassing, integrity, and honesty.
  • Outstanding verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Effective work as part of an interdisciplinary team.


  • Recognition for excellence in learner or peer mentorship.
  • Evidence of impact on learners and peers.


  • Evidence of effect leadership locally, regionally and nationally, relevant to clinician role.
  • Significant contributions to clinical program development.
  • Development of new modalities for providing clinical care.
  • Leadership in the development of new clinical curriculum or revision of existing curriculum.


  • Presentations at regional and national meetings, relevant to clinician role.
  • Publications in relevant clinical journals.
  • Evidence of facilitating to scholarly activity of learners, related to clinical role.

Required Materials for Nomination

  • Total number of pages for the entire application may not exceed 20 pages
  • Cover Sheet (1 page limit, including affiliations)
  • Table of Contents (1 page limit)
  • Nomination letter, may be completed by learner, peer, or supervisor (2 page limit)
  • Three letters of support from learners or peers
  • Personal statement by nominee regarding “Being a Clinician.” (2 page limit)
  • Supporting Documents
    • Evaluations of clinical work from most recent 3 years
    • Peer evaluations
    • Learning Evaluation
    • Patient outcome data (must be de-indentifed, may be presented in aggregate)
    • Abridged CV, including degrees earned; positions held and duties associated with each; and relevant awards, honors, grants, and publications. (5 page limit)