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Dmitriy Tipikin, Ph.D.

    Dmitriy Tipikin worked in the field of EPR technique and EPR applications for 30 years. During his career he applied EPR to investigation of radical pairs, EPR centers in humic acids, in melanin, in spin-labeled proteins, DNA, RNA. Developed quasi-optical bridges for high-field EPR, instrumentation and resonators for low-field EPR and high-field EPR.

The sphere of interests:

   He is interested in development of new technological approaches in low-field EPR, engineering of devices for imaging of small animals and biological tissues.

Selected publications:

1. Keith A.Earle, Dmitriy S.Tipikin, Jack H.Freed  Far-infrared electron-paramagnetic-resonance spectrometer utilizing a quasioptical reflection bridge. Review Scientific Instruments, 1996, Vol.67, No 7, p.p.2502-2513.

2. D.S.Tipikin, K.A.Earle, J.H.Freed   Variable coupling scheme for high frequency electron spin resonance resonators using asymmetric meshes. Applied Magnetic Resonance, Vol.37, p.p.819-832, 2010.

3. D.S.Tipikin, Ya.S.Lebedev, A.Riker Mechanochemical generation of stable radical species. Oxidation of pyrochatechols. Chemical Physics Letters, 1997, Vol.272, p.p.399-404

4. D.S.Tipikin Mechanochromism of Organic Compounds as Exemplified by Spiropyran. Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry, Vol.75, No 10, p.p.1720-1723, 2001

5. Ziwey Zhang, Mark Fleissner, Dmitriy Tipikin, Zichung Liang, Josef K. Moscicki, Keith Earle, Wayne Hubbell, Jack H. Freed  A Multifrequency Electron Spin Resonance Study of the Dynamics of T4 Lysozyme  J.Phys.Chem.B, Vol. 114, p.p.5503-5521, 2010.