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Magnetic Resonance equipment

EPR and MRI instruments are available: 

  • Advanced Pulsed X-band EPR system (Bruker) (229 F, Khramtsov)
  • X-band EPR (EMX, Bruker) equipped with temperature/gas controller (NOxygen, Germany) for experiments with the live cells/tissue samples at physiological conditions– 5612 HSS (Bobko’s lab)
  • X-band EPR (EMX, Bruker) equipped with nitrogen gas flow temperature controller for the experiments at temperature ranges from about 100 K to 350 K - 3119 HSN (Gunther’s lab)
  • L-band EPR (Magnettech, Germany) equipped with surface coil resonators for measurements paramagnetic probes in living subjects such as mice (229 F, Khramtsov)
  • Overhauser- enhanced MRI (OMRI, also called PEDRI – proton-electron double resonance imaging; Japan Redox Ltd) – allows for functional imaging of paramagnetic probes in living mice (229 F, Khramtsov).
  • Compact MRI system (ICON) for mouse imaging; Bruker, Germany (229 F, Khramtsov)
  • Design of Rapid Scan EPR imager is in the process (Tseytlin's lab).
  • PET-EPR co-imaging system  (Raylman's lab).