Master Clinician Award

This award recognizes an exemplary faculty member with outstanding clinical skills in providing patient-centered quality care with compassion, integrity, and honesty.  The nominee should inspire and mentor his/her peers and learners toward clinical excellence.  He or she should provide leadership for creating future master clinicians.  To be eligible for the award, the nominee will be a full-time faculty member in the HSC at one of the schools or branch campuses, with at least 7 years at WVU and a minimum of 10 years of clinical experiences.  He or she will currently have direct responsibility for patient care.


Clinical Excellence:

  • Recognized by peers locally, regionally and nationally for clinical excellence.
  • Able to integrate complex clinical information in a meaningful way to come up with assessment and plans and be able to share and teach critical clinical thinking skills to peers and learners.
  • Inspiring learners to become exemplary clinicians by personal example and enhancing intellectual curiosity in learners.
  • Demonstrating clinical skills with patients as partners in care.
  • Providing patient-centered evidence based care and teaching learners about this.
  • Advocating for patients.
  • Participating in quality improvement initiatives.
  • Commitment to improved patient outcomes.
  • Embracing constant improvement of own ability and those of their peers and learners.
  • Developing lifelong learning skills in themselves and helping their learners also to develop these skills.


  • Demonstrating and role modeling integrity, honesty, empathy, compassion, and responsibility at all times.
  • Outstanding communication skills with patients, learners, peers, superiors, referring providers and others.
  • Working effectively in interdisciplinary teams demonstrating respect for all members of the team, promoting interprofessional collaboration.
  • Caring for the community at large and making a difference


  • Recognized for their ability to mentor and inspire learners and peers to meet their goals.
  • Sought after by learners and peers to help them become exemplary master clinicians.
  • Instill in their learners need to serve their patients and communities.
  • Long term impact on learners and peers so they in turn will demonstrate excellence in clinical care to their mentees.


  • Providing leadership locally, regionally and nationally in enhancing clinical care.
  • New program development to serve the needs of the patients and communities.
  • Development of newer modalities of providing clinical care.
  • Leadership in the development of new clinical curriculum or modify existing curriculum to enhance learning.


  • Presentations at regional and national meetings about enhancing clinical care, improving quality of care.
  • Publications regarding enhancement of clinical care including quality improvement and patient safety.
  • Inspiring learners to develop interest and commitment to scholarly activity in clinical care.




  • Cover Sheet (one page including affiliations)
  • Table of Contents (one page)
  • Nominations
    • By learners, peers, supervisors
    • Nomination letter no more than 3 pages, letter should cite examples in clinical excellence in 3 or more domains including professionalism, mentoring, leadership, and scholarship.
    • Supporting letter from learners, peers – total of 3
  • Personal statement by nominee regarding “Being a Clinician.”
  • Supporting Documents
    • Evaluations of clinical work past 3 years – Peers, Learners, Patients (deidentified data)
    • Curriculum Vitae (up to five pages)
      • The CV should document aspects of the faculty member’s career as a clinician including degrees earned, record of positions held and duties associated with each, awards and honors, grants, evidence of publications related to clinical work/education.
  • Total number of pages for the entire application not to exceed 20 pages