Outstanding Achievement in Service

This award honors outstanding service by HSC faculty.


Outcomes demonstrating Outstanding Achievement in service may include:

  • Evidence of an excellent level of involvement in international, national, regional, state or area activities with associations related to his or her professional area and with one’s University affiliation identified.
  • Evidence of professional/disciplinary service such as leadership in professional organizations, serving as editor/reviewer for scholarly publications, consulting with other institutions on accreditation or program evaluation teams, etc.
  • Evidence of excellent contributions of service to the department, college, or university.
  • Documented creation of new opportunities for students to combine learning and service, e.g., service learning courses, internships, Master’s theses, and participation in civic improvement and/or citizen action projects.
  • Documented positive student outcomes from involvement in the nominee’s community service work.
  • Evidence of relevance of service outcomes to university mission and goals
  • Acquisition of extramural funding and other resources for the university related to community outreach.
  • Documented creation of new research and consultation opportunities for faculty in community outreach.
  • Other evidence of community outreach such as providing creative or technical assistance to public and private organizations such as schools, governmental agencies, arts organizations, and/or social service agencies; making public presentations/performances for general community audiences; serving on community advisory boards, etc.


  • Nomination letter
  • A current CV detailing candidate’s service 
  • Letters of support from colleagues, community members etc. (at least three letters)
  • Supplemental evidence documenting positive impact of service