Team Achievement Award

This award honors a group (3 or more) of faculty, staff, or a team of faculty and staff, for their combined effort in accomplishing a goal, such as a specific project, initiative, or event. The team’s activities should reflect one or more of the following attributes:


  • Collaboration: An ability to work with employees in another department / division toward a shared goal or outcome that benefits a major sector of the Health Sciences Center.
  • Innovation: Exceptional efforts to enhance the HSC’s effectiveness through innovations in the operations of the HSC.
  • Responsiveness: Exceptional responses to an unforeseen circumstance or extraordinary situation.
  • Teamwork: An ability to recognize and fully utilize the diverse talents of a team of staff to achieve a goal.


  • Nomination letter
  • Description of team-based effort
  • Summary of mission
  • List of active participants and a description of individual roles
  • Documentation of outcomes describing targeted mission and effect on individuals as well.
  • Statement from “end users” regarding quality and impact of program
  • Product that resulted from the collaborative effort (e.g. course, grant, publication, service learning, patient outcomes)