WVU Medicine Signature Programs

What are Signature Programs?

WVU Medicine has prioritized six key areas of opportunity that will allow us to more aggressively target major health disparities in the state and continue to deliver real medical solutions that will have the most resounding impact on our citizens. These Signature Programs will form a base that will allow us to operate efficiently across our integrated statewide organization, tap into unique external funding opportunities, expand the spectrum of care for our patients, improve the health of our population, and create a brand that sustains our organization financially.

The service line approach is patient centered and is organized in the way that patients actually experience healthcare. This integration provides the opportunity for organizational, strategic, operational, and financial alignment and efficiency between departments and areas serving the same patient populations. It creates a single standard of care and service across all of WVU Medicine.

What are the WVU Medicine Signature Programs?

WVU Medicine will focus on these initial Signature Programs:

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular
  • Neurosciences (including behavioral health and addiction)
  • Children’s health
  • Critical care/trauma
  • Surgical services

We will also create four areas of emphasis:

  • Rural Health, including mobile and virtual portals of care
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Longevity and Health, which includes personalized medicine and obesity programs
  • Injury and Accident Prevention

Once these programs generate impact, integration of providers, and financial returns, we will be able to invest in additional programs of excellence.

Why We Need Signature Programs at WVU Medicine?

The results of successfully focused signature programs include: enhanced talent acquisition and retention and growth; enhanced patient care quality, safety, accessibility, efficiency, and enhanced patient satisfaction; improved margin for the hospital; and enlargement of teaching and research opportunities to create a lasting and effective brand for WVU Medicine and the state of West Virginia. The key to successful implementation of the product line concept is a close working relationship between the academic medical center administration and service line medical leadership.

This approach is a centerpiece of helping us reach our purpose or “why,” which is to tangibly improve the lives of West Virginia's citizens, elevating their lives and the state by creating one WVU and one West Virginia.