WVU Medicine Brand FAQ

Why the new name?

We want to become a nationally recognized academic medical center known for its cutting-edge research and superior clinical programs, while also remaining true to our primary mission – providing great care to the people of West Virginia.
Our strategy includes:

  • uniting our doctors and several hospitals to serve patients better and creating a more integrated and seamless system of care;
  • growing our expertise by bringing more specialty and sub-specialty care to the people of West Virginia;
  • building new, convenient facilities to make it easier for patients to access our specialists, sub-specialists, and primary care doctors;
  • expanding our flagship hospital – Ruby Memorial Hospital – to serve people better and to offer a wider range of services and advanced procedures, especially for women and children; and
  • investing in new technologies to ensure we continue to be the leader in solving the most complex medical problems.

Given our goal and the steps we are taking to achieve it, we wanted to take a fresh look at how we communicate with the public about who we are. We also wanted to think long term about our brand and identity, especially as we continue building signature programs in areas such as cancer, cardiovascular, pediatrics, critical care, neurosciences, and surgical services.

Our hope is people from across the United States, not just West Virginia, will one day turn to WVU Medicine to find answers to their most complex medical problems. We want to convey to the public that we are the leader, not a leader, in providing advanced specialty care.

Why "Medicine" and Not "Healthcare"?

“Medicine,” in this case, refers to patient care efforts in a generic sense and does not seek to exclude other health professionals, such as nursing, pharmacy, or other allied health professions. The practice of medicine, in fact, is a team endeavor that requires a variety of professional skills and talents.

As we looked at the growth across the organization, we thought about how we could communicate differently to the public about our core strengths and what truly differentiates us from other health systems, namely the comprehensive nature of our care and the specialty and sub-specialty care that we provide. We not only provide routine care, but we also provide unique specialty and sub-specialty care that distinguishes us as a leading academic medical center and differentiates us from other West Virginia health systems.

What Are the Benefits to Our Patients and West Virginia?

  • A top-notch academic medical center that provides unique and highly specialized care
  • A comprehensive health system that not only focuses on both wellness and prevention but also provides highly specialized services and critical care to the sickest of patients
  • Physicians who are nationally recognized leaders in their fields
  • A partner that helps our patients through their most difficult health challenges
  • A “think tank” that brings together creative and accomplished caregivers, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other allied health professionals who work together to solve the most complex medical problems