The Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) recently voted in a new Board of Directors. WVU's Ian B.K. Martin, MD, MBA was named Secretary-Treasurer. 

SAEM is dedicated to the improvement of care of the acutely ill and injured patient by improving research and education.The SAEM Board of Directors manages the property, activities, and affairs of SAEM, and governs the Society between annual business meetings. SAEM is governed by elected members who serve on the Society's Board of Directors and committees.

Newly elected SAEM leaders include:

Steven B. Bird, MD

Ian B.K. Martin, MD, MBA

Angela M. Mills, MD
Megan L. Ranney, MD, MPH

Resident Member
Jean Elizabeth Sun, MD

Nominating Committee
Gillian Beauchamp, MD

Bylaws Committee
Jason Hoppe, DO