Due to unforeseen circumstances, the scheduled EA archive MRN conversion process, which started at 2 a.m on June 10, is still ongoing.

The conversion process directly impacts the image archive for cardiology but should have minimal impact on physician workload. The vendor, GE, is monitoring the system for any performance degradation and is providing updates to IT leadership.

A physician using CCI or the Zero Footprint Viewer (ZFP) to view images/studies in cardiology should note the following:

  • Studies obtained after 4 a.m. on June 10 will not be impacted and can be accessed via the Epic hyperlink or searching CCI/ZFP by patient name or E#. 
  • If the patient you are trying to access has not undergone an MRN conversion to date, the Epic hyperlink will not launch and CCI/ZFP will continue to display the “old” MRN. If this is the case, you will have to manually search CCI/ZFP by patient name until the MRN conversion is complete. 

Contact Nicole Golden or Brad Patterson with any questions or concerns.