The second phase of construction on the new Emergency Department (ED) has been delayed while a 12-bed observation unit is installed to ease capacity issues, according to Planning, Design and Construction officials.

The observation beds will be installed by November and will be in use until the new southeast tower is completed in spring 2016. The observation beds will be converted to ED exam rooms after the tower is open, which should not significantly delay the opening of the new unit, which is expected to occur in summer 2016.

Phase One of the new ED was completed in 2014 and includes six exam rooms, a nurses' station and a self-contained Infection Prevention and Containment Unit (IPCU) with five isolation rooms. The IPCU also includes a bio hood, lab services, and specific rooms for donning and doffing protective clothing and equipment.

Other construction news:

Ruby Memorial Lobby

  • Construction on the new Starbucks is underway; it is scheduled to open Oct. 26.
  • The shell space on the west side of the lobby is being converted to offices for Administration, which is currently housed at Ruby Office Complex (ROC) 2. The new offices will be open in the winter.
  • Offices for Patient Financial Services are being built on the east side of the lobby. These offices are scheduled to open at the end of December.
  • A registration area, currently on the second floor, will move to the lobby near the main entrance by the end of the year.

Ruby Memorial

  • Work is ongoing to create areas for Respiratory Care Services/Pulmonary Function and Rehabilitation Services.
  • Construction is continuing on the third floor to convert the existing shell space to offices for Cardiovascular and Interventional Services. It is expected to be complete by the end of December.