More than 100 people from the Morgantown area took advantage of this year’s skin cancer screening at the Cancer Institute’s Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center last Thursday. Several of them, like Sara Moreland participate in the screening every year.

“There are places on your body, like your back, that are not easy to see, so to have those areas checked for free annually is a great service,” said Moreland.

Ronnie Moorehead appreciated the screening because of several spots that concerned him. “I have a lot of moles and a family history of them, plus I’m a runner and spend a lot of time outdoors, and thought I better be checked.”

The Cancer Center screening was a convenient service for Jolynn Kisner, who works at WVU. She was relieved to learn that the spot on her nose wasn’t cancerous.

The WVU Cancer Institute vigorously promotes cancer screening tests, like the free skin cancer screening, because early detection improves patient outcomes.

Photo:  Jolynn Kisner is examined by Roxann Powers, M.D.