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Dental school Tournament of Tails helps purchase smoking cessation aids for patients

Dental students use social media pet photo contest to help reduce tobacco addiction

Tournament of Tails

A message from the organizers:

Tournament of Tails Round II is here. In the spirit of March Madness (although a little delayed), your beloved pet will go head-to-head with another pet! The pet with the most "likes" on social media will advance to the next round. The pet with the most "likes" at the end will win.

"Likes" can be acquired in two ways.
1) by voting on a poll on our WVU ASDA Facebook page and/or Instagram story and
2) $1 = 10 "likes"!!

Registration costs $2.00. For a $5.00 registration fee, your pet will receive 40 automatic “likes”.

Email up to three photos of your pet to

Registration ends April 3. Tournament begins April 6.

Feel free to include a brief bio of your pet.

Venmo or contact Nick Balash, Brooke Dolin or Paru Gopalan for other options.

Money raised from this tournament will go toward the WVU Tobacco Cessation Fund. The event raised $1,814 last year and funds are being used to purchase nicotine replacement therapies. The products are available as "trial packs" for trained students to give to patients who are interested in nicotine replacement therapy options.

Dr. Susan Morgan worked with administrators to place a tab in Axium in the prescription section to be able to make this a trackable process.

Students are able to offer patients lozenges and patches. The hope is that by providing patients with the ability to walk out of the school with NRT products, patients feel compelled to try the products and realize that the NRT does have an impact. This will hopefully encourage patients to purchase the products on their own.

Thank you very much! Good luck to all the fur babies entering the tournament!

-WVU School of Dentistry Tournament of Tails