Pamela Carico, administrator for student services in the Department of Medical Education recently presented at a national conference in January 2015 AAMC Joint Professional Development Conference for Health Professions Financial Aid and Student Records Administrators in San Antonio, Texas. Having spent the past three years developing complete electronic records for MD students, MD courses and clerkships, and GME programs in E*Value, the Department of Medical Education was pleased to share the process and demonstrate these Portfolios, aka FOLIO.  On behalf of the department of medical education and the school of medicine she presented "Streamlining Processes: Moving from ‘Paper to Paperless’ ".  Participants at the conference enthusiastically received the information presented and continue to seek information from Ms. Carico on how to create similar success at their own home institutions.  The School of Medicine, too, looks forward to benefiting from the shared knowledge, experiences, and information presented by the AAMC and other institutions on topics such as Accreditation, VSAS, non-standard curriculum management, and tools for office efficiency.