Dr. Wilson’s nomination points to her strengths as a doctor, teacher, and mentor. She performs her duties at such a high level that her mentees remark that they have achieved success simply modelling her example.

Dr. Uzer Khan comments that Dr. Wilson recognizes and takes advantage of every opportunity for a teachable moment. She possesses a “keen awareness of the necessity of developing the future generation of surgeons.”

Dr. Jim Bardes writes that not only does Dr. Wilson teach and share her excellent clinical techniques, she also takes the time to get to know her mentees on a personal level, offering meaningful career and life advice.

Dr. Jennifer Knight, a mentee of Dr. Wilson’s for 15 years, says that Dr. Wilson has guided her through “challenging professional and personal times” and has sacrificed some of her own professional advancement to provide opportunities to others.

Dr. Patrick Bonasso describes Dr. Wilson as a master of her craft in clinical practice, research, and teaching, and says that her impact on the career of surgical residents at WVU cannot be overstated. Simply put, “Residents who heed her clinical and career advice excel.”