Today, Vice President and Executive Dean of Health Sciences Clay Marsh, M.D., is home.

"I have been given the amazing opportunity to return to West Virginia University, the place I called home for eight years as an undergraduate and a medical student," Dr. Marsh said. "WVU and the State of West Virginia invested heavily in my future, including by selecting me to attend medical school. Now I have the opportunity to pay the state back and create the opportunity to pay forward for our students, our University and the citizens of our state."

Marsh is a two-time graduate of WVU, earning an undergraduate degree in biology in 1981 and a medical degree in 1985. A national leader in personalized medicine and in pulmonary and critical care medicine, Marsh has concentrated his efforts in determining how to help individuals stay healthy and how to create ecosystems to make this easy.

Check out Marsh's new website and read his entire message.