The School of Public Health is pleased to announce the appointment of Lauri Andress, MPH, JD, PhD as Assistant Dean for Public Health Practice and Workforce Development.  In this position, Dr. Andress will be responsible for determining the public health workforce needs in West Virginia and providing necessary workforce development activities.  This position also oversees the school’s continuing education, distance education and online education activities; provides oversight of interprofessional education activities; facilitates student engagement and faculty service with public health practice and community organizations; provides oversight of MPH practice-based experience programs; surveys alumni and employers of alumni regarding competency and job performance/satisfaction; and leads and represents the school in diversity activities.  Dr. Andress will be assisted in these activities by Bobbi Sykes, MS, the Director of Practice-Based Learning; and by Rachel Abraham, MD, MPH, the Director of Interprofessional and Continuing Education.
Although relatively new to West Virginia and WVU, Dr. Andress has substantial professional experience relevant to workforce development, including prior positions within the Houston Department of Health and Human Services, and consultative assignments with both the Minnesota and Wisconsin Departments of Health.
The Department of Health Policy, Management and Leadership congratulates Lauri for her appointment to this new position, and for her commitment to serve the School and the State.