WVU Healthcare faces the same threats to operations as just about any other academic medical center throughout the United States. Emergencies ranging from active shooters, extreme weather conditions and surges of patients from mass casualty events require fast and reliable notification of staff to avoid injury or death in these situations.

To meet these challenges head on, WVU Healthcare has acquired an emergency notification System called LiveProcess that will provide employees with text alerts and voice messages during an emergency. Morgantown area employees with "@wvuhealthcare.com" or “@hsc.wvu.edu” as part of their work email address will soon receive an email to register with LiveProcess. Registration is voluntary and secure; the system is accessible only by LiveProcess administrators.

Employees who register for the service will have the ability to choose a preferred notification method. For example, employees can opt to receive text only messages to a cell phone and/or registrants can elect to receive voice messages to cell phone, home phone and other devices. There is also the ability to change the preferred notification method and opt out of the system. An occasional email will allow employees to update contact information.

WVU Healthcare Director of Safety Roger Osbourn stressed that the system will be used only for emergencies. "The LiveProcess system will allow WVU Healthcare the flexibility to customize emergency notifications based on the situation," he explained. "For a mass casualty event, for example, the organization may choose to send an alert notification that will be received on all devices registered in the system."

Employees who register for the LiveProcess service will receive a monthly emergency alert test beginning at approximately 2 p.m. Friday, March 20. The monthly test will continue through August, at which time a decision will be made to discontinue the test or perform it on a less frequent basis.

For technical assistance in registering contact information with LiveProcess, call LiveProcess support at 1-973-571-2500, ext. 3.