The SPH Department of Epidemiology was host to the Estonian Minister of Social Affairs, Taavi Rõivas and the Estonian Deputy Secretary General of Health, Mrs. Ivi Normet as part of an Estonian delegation visiting West Virginia University on Wednesday, September 25, 2013. As part of their visit to WVU, they spoke on the Estonian Health Care System, Successes and Challenges.

Estonia is a country in North Eastern Europe which has a single payer health care system managed by the government. Transitioning from a Soviet state to a free market society since 1991, this country has overcome many hurdles in building a successful healthcare system. Renowned for its cyber expertise and the home of the NATO Cyber Security Defense Center, Estonia has applied this expertise to include a national electronic medical record system and e-prescribing. Taking part in European Union projects focusing on quality improvement, Estonia is committed to ensuring access and availability of health care for its citizenry.

The delegation at the Health Sciences Center pictured with Dr. R. David Parker (right) from the Department of Epidemiology.